Official or Diplomatic Visas are available to citizens of all countries except ECOWAS Nationals who do not require visas to visit Nigeria.

This visa type is required for all Foreign government officials and government workers including visiting Heads of States, top Government officials, Diplomats, officials from the United Nations and other members of accredited Diplomatic Missions, and members of International governmental and non-governmental Organizations.

Based on the above criteria, the following are the requirements needed to apply for an Official or Diplomatic Visa or Entry Permit:

  1. Standard, Official or Diplomatic passport valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank pages for endorsement.
  2. Laisser passez, if applicable.
  3. Two recent passport sized (35/40mm) color photograph with white background..
  4. Copy of Resident Identity Card (front and back).
  5. Note Verbale issued by the requesting Country
  6. Copy of Data page of host's passport and Nigeria Residence Card (CERPAC)
  7. Confirmed return ticket
  8. Copy of Yellow fever vaccination. Travelers should ensure that their international health Vaccination Certificates are up to date before departure.
Nigerian Diplomatic Visa
Nigerian Diplomatic Visa

The average timeline required for issuance of an Official or Diplomatic Visa at the Nigeria Embassy in Brussels is five days. A full list of required steps needed to apply for the Visa is provided below:

  1. Apply online, complete the online visa application here and print completed form.
  2. Affix two passport sized (35/40 mm) color photographs with white background.
  3. Submit the completed application to Embassy in person with attached requirements.