Nigeria-EU Relations

Over the years, Nigeria-European Union (EU) relations have been cordial and further strengthened through dialogues and programmes. The parties have continued to exchange information on issues of common interest and mutual benefit, taking into consideration the significant roles of Nigeria and the EU in Africa, with major interest to the West Africa sub-region. Issues such as peace and the security situation in Africa, Human Rights and Good Governance, Economic Development, Trade and Diversification, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, Bilateral Cooperation as well as Migration are discussed during the dialogues.

The most recent Dialogue held on 18th November, 2020 and attained the adoption of the Ministerial Roadmap for 2021–2022. The constructive Dialogue was a turning point, which culminated into several discussions on issues of mutual concerns. In the Joint Communiqué, both parties reaffirmed the need to reinvigorate a strategic and mature political partnership that would be comprehensive, balanced and mutually beneficial.

Nigeria and the EU have enjoyed a cordial partnership which has been made possible by improved interface of relevant Nigerian institutions with their EU counterparts. Recent exchanges in 2022 by officials of the two sides provided opportunity to express commitment to deepening ties, renewal of support of the EU towards Nigeria’s effort in diversifying the economy, especially: Agriculture, Digitalization, Energy, Science, Research and Innovation.

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