The bilateral relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Kingdom of Belgium was established in 1961. Cordial engagements have been maintained between both sides. Nigeria and Belgium share common views on several global issues including Human Rights, Climate Change, Fight against Terrorism, Corruption and Peaceful Resolution of conflicts.

Economic relations between Nigeria and Belgium have remained cordial over the years. According to the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, for the first 4 months of 2022, Nigeria ranked 14th client in trade volume (export into Nigeria) amongst Belgian global trade partners, which amounted to €2.4 billion euros (+439.0%), and 58th supplier in trade volume (import into Belgium) in the sum of €185.4 million euros (+78.9%), with trade balance between both countries standing at €2.2 billion euros, compared to 2021 (Jan-Dec) client ranking = 26th (export) = €2.9 billion euros (+98.7), and 58th supplier (import) = €399.9 million euros (+30.6%), with trade balance of €2.5 billion euros. Major contributors to the trade volume for Export are Mineral products (90.6%), Chemicals (4.3%) and Machinery and equipment (1.1%); while for Import are Mineral products (78.5%), Precious metals and stones (12.6%), and Foodstuffs (4.7%), respectively.

There are currently over forty Belgian firms involved in various business enterprises in Nigeria which include OK Free Trade Zone, Dredging Environmental and Marine Engineering (DEME), Jan De Nul Group, and Sluys International Belgium.

The Mission is collaborating with Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), Embassy of Belgium in Abuja to facilitate a Trade Mission to Nigeria in October 2022 and a Mission to Belgium in June 2023. Nigeria and Belgium are also working in concert to improve collaboration between the institutions in the two countries, businesses, cultural groups, and people to people contacts.

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