This page contains a list of Embassy staff at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Kingdom of Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the European Union. 

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Staff of the Mission

His Excellency Ambassador Obinna C. Onowu

H. E. Obinna C. Onowu

Ambassador and Head of Delegation
George Collins

Mr. Collins G. Onwuekwe

Charge d'Affaires, a.i.
Mrs. Hafsatu Garba-Abdulkadir

Mrs. Hafsatu Garba-Abdulkadir

Charge d'Affaires, a.i.
Moradeke O. Adelekan

Ms. Moradeke O. Adelekan

Minister Counsellor (Head of Chancery, OACPS Desk)
Irom A. Awassam

Mr. Irom A. Awassam

Minister Counsellor (Economic and Consular matters)
Mrs. Hauwa A. Mustapha

Mrs. Hauwa A. Mustapha

Counsellor (Political Desk; Bilateral matters – Luxembourg; OACPS-PA and OACPS-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly)
Mr. Kabir T. Animashaun

Mr. Kabir Temitayo Animashaun

Counsellor (Economic and Consular/OACPS Desks; Bilateral Matters)
Mrs. Chinyere Onyeanusi-Ighodaro

Mrs. Chinyere Onyeanusi-Ighodaro

Administrative Attaché I
Mrs. Jane N. Augustine

Mrs. Jane N. Augustine

Administrative Attaché II
Mr. Haladu Ubale

Mr. Haladu Ubale

Customs Attaché
Garba S. Dokoro

Mr. Garba Samaila Dokoro

Immigration Attaché I
Cynthia O. Aneke

Mrs. Cynthia O. Aneke

Second Secretary I (Administration, Information and Cultural Matters)
Habib M. Abubakar

Mr. Habib M. Abubakar

Second Secretary II (Economic Desk, EU and Education Matters)
SNName of OfficerDesignation
1.H. E. Mr. Obinna C. Onowu Ambassador and Head of Delegation
2.Mr. Francis N. EnyaMinister
3. Mr. Ubong JohnnyMinister Counsellor
4.Mr. Muhammad BelloMinister Counsellor
5.Mrs. Hafsatu Garba-AbdulkadirSenior Counsellor
6.Mrs. Hauwa Arabo MustaphaFirst Secretary
7.Mr. Kabir T. AnimashaunFirst Secretary
8.Mr. Dustin-Ma Bala SanusiFinance Attaché
9.Mrs. Chinyere Madona Onyeanusi-IghodaroAdmin Attaché
10.Mrs. Jane Ngozi Ikah AugustineAdmin Attaché
11.Mr. Ibrahim A. AlfaCustoms Attaché
12.Mr. Garba S. DokoroImmigration Attaché

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